Who is this guy?

Friðrik Sigurðsson is born and raised in Húsavík,
a beautiful old fishing village in the north of Iceland.
He has been married to Magnea Magnúsdóttir since 1998
and they have two daughters born in 1999 and 2002.


Reykjavík University
2019 – 2020 PMD Programme for management developement dip.
2018 Responsibilities and performance of board members dip.
University of Iceland
2009 – 2012 Director of Flight Operations dip.
In cooperation with the University of Iceland’s business department that issued the diploma.

Job experience:

2018-  Northsailing – Chairman of the board & co owner
Iceland’s first whale watching company est. in 1995

2017-2018  RARIK ohf – Chairman of the board
Nationally owned regional electrical corporation

2016-  Fraser ehf – Gen.Manager & owner
Consultancy and private investments

2014-  Steinsteypir ehf – Chairman of the board & co owner
Concrete manufacturing & earth moving company

2007-2016  Ormsson Húsavík – Gen.Manager & owner

2001-2016  Bókaverslun Þórarins Stefánssonar – Gen.Manager & owner

1998-2001  Hótel Húsavík hf. – Gen.Manager & co owner

1995-1997  Skipaafgreiðsla Húsavíkur ehf – Gen.Manager